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    3d architectural visualization
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3D Walkthrough Presentation Videos

3D rendering has given a new twist to the field of architecture and made it more interesting and inclusive for builders and home owners alike. Along with giving them a look at how the house will look, it will also help them gauge the spacing and how the house looks overall.

The 360 panorama view services provided by First Look 3D Studio are availed by various architectural firms, independent architects, CAD designers including private house owners for excellent exterior as well as interior visualization. These services are provided by experts having years of research and experiment with the new technology.

360 architectural Panoramic Views service is a virtual tour which transforms the 3d render into a full interactive experience. It provides the users with a unique walk-through in space, allowing them to fully grasp the architectural plan and interior design down to the very tiny details. Unlike traditional rendering which offers only one angle of image architectural 360 panorama view services promise a full 360 degree virtual view. It provides 360-degree panoramic views to visualize the interior and exteriors of a construction project. We allow our clients to view the models of the construction project on their laptops by the help of this fabulous technique. We use proper 3D models to view the interior design of the construction project with maximum accuracy.

With the help of the architectural 360 panorama view services, you can manage a lot of your needs and demands in time. This service helps everyone to walk into the virtual world of their dream construction project. We can take panoramic view technology further than you may have experienced previously. As well as videos, where the camera is in a set single position and the user looks around from that point, we can also provide a sequence of stills, that moves along a set path at certain time periods, giving the user time to look around a space before being moved along to the next camera point. This is a quick and interactive way for clients to gain an intimate understanding of your project. We can also offer the next stage up from 360° video – a full virtual tour, where the user can more around the scene between pre-generated viewing positions.

Benefits for Clients:

360 degree panoramic views are, in our opinion, a great way to showcase a project to potential clients, providing an in depth understanding of the spatial impact of your project in an immediate and interactive way, without requiring an in depth understanding of the plan and section drawings. We believe 360 degree 3D views provide an excellent starting point for conversations about how a space will feel and enables clients to gain a better understanding of the project, and make comments on certain aspects quickly and easily, as they can see it right in front of them, and are not relying on their imagination or a badly rendered snapshot that can often be more distracting than it is helpful.

Choosing the right firm with the right experience and technical knowledge of this field is important, and First Look 3D Studios is one such 360 virtual tour agency that can provide you a great standard with respect to expertise and quality of work.

Today, with all the advancements in the field of virtual reality and animation, very few industries have been left untouched by these technologies, least of all the architectural industry. Manually drawn perspective views and hand rendering is passé as clients are increasing making demands for 3D rendering views for interiors and exteriors in both the commercial and residential sectors along with 3D architectural visualization that looks as real as photographs taken of the finished product.

There are many benefits of 3D architectural visualization and rendering to an architectural project:

Identification of Design flaws :

A building is a sophisticated piece of workmanship and so it is often difficult to visualize completely through just 2D drawings. When one generates a 3D model of the design, one gains the opportunity of viewing it from every angle. Hence many design flaws that could otherwise have been overlooked can easily be identified and rectified well before construction begins. This will help to reduce unnecessary costs and also save on the time required for construction.

Effective communication to client :

It is very important for an architect to deliver to their clients exactly what they wish for from their building. Often a gap is noticed between the client’s needs and an architect’s understanding of the views which leads to the proposal being in some ways different from what the client was actually looking for. This is eliminated when 3D rendering tools are adopted. When a 3D interior or 3D exterior view is presented to the client, he gets a better understanding of the materials and architectural features used in the building and is able to judge the overall effect they have on the aesthetics of design. In case of any discrepancies with his requirements, changes can be easily made at that stage rather than after it has been constructed.

Improves salability of the design :

3D interior and 3D exterior views are doubly advantageous when it comes to the salability aspect. For one it helps the architect to be able to convince the client of his abilities in delivering good work to him. On the other hand real estate developers depend on them to secure the interest of prospective stake holders and get them to invest in the project. Besides that it is indispensable while marketing the projects (apartments, condos and villas) to customers.

With such advantages as these one can understand how 3D rendering has become an indispensable tool for architects everywhere and as architectural design becomes more and more dependent on computers with every passing day, it is likely that the future will see it becoming even more so.

First Look Design Studio is a design firm that specializes in all kinds of 3d renderings and walkthroughs. Our experience of providing solutions to hundreds of clients has helped us gain a unique perspective in to the requirements of clients and what they expect from us. It is this experience that has helped us reach the upper echelons of architectural 3D visualization services and become a top- notch 3D architectural visualization company.

3d architectural visualization

An architectural 3d walkthrough animation is a great tool that can be used by architects and artists so that they may offer a detailed view of their works. Basically, it is a program or software that allows viewers to virtually walk through the work of the architect or artists. Most of the companies or firms that offer this walk through view to their consumers are considered to be of higher class or value. Indeed, those who offer this experience give their clients something more exciting to look forward to than if they had simply given images or floor plans of the projects that they are proposing.

Although the technology has been around for quite a number of years, there are not too many professionals who have discovered the use of these walkthrough animations. Perhaps they just do not know how to do it or they do not know who to employ to acquire of such as service. After all, anyone with an architectural business would benefit greatly with the use of these animation walkthroughs.

The technology behind the architectural animation walkthrough allows the artists or the architects to give their audience a view or even an experience of what it will be like walking through the plans that they have designed. Viewers can see the actual paths and hallways. More importantly, if the design is for a house or a room, the prospect client can view the different areas that the architect has designed. The difference of this animation walkthrough from any normal picture is the fact that it shows a lot more angles and views as if you were in the actual project. This technology truly does give one a feel of the project design even without the need to actually carry out the plan.

It is obvious that using this type of presentation allows architects to save hugely on costs. Instead of showing clients the actual projects, they can simply present this animation walkthrough. There will be less time and energy spent, and clients will still be very much intrigued by the project because they can already see how beautiful it is in the area without having gone there yet. This element of giving the clients an experience of almost being there gives them more reason to want to actually be there, thus making the presentation a very persuasive presentation.

The problem that most architects have with this presentation is the fact that not many have the time or the patience to learn this whole new technology. It is therefore very helpful that other artists who have specialized in the art of animation walkthroughs now offer their services to various interested clients.

First Look 3D Studio is one such design firm which offers 3d walkthrough animation services of the highest standard. First Look 3D Studio is a 3d walkthrough animation company par excellence- with skilled designers and highly proficient architects available to provide 3D architectural walkthroughs.

3d Interior Designing and Rendering or 3D rendering, as it is usually called, is an invaluable tool in the hands of builders, homeowners, architects and interior designers alike. With this new technology, architects are able to give their work a new dimension. They have now become capable of having a visual of their finished work by drawing up a model of their designs with the help of software that enables them to take a look at the tentative appearance of the finished product.

Architects, in conjunction with designers, work with 3d interior designing and rendering software in order to create a detailed design of the interior of the buildings to get a view of the project that they have taken up. This technology is cost effective and simple- it shows minute details and flaws and is extremely realistic with regard to colours, lighting, and textures which makes it a great option to experiment with.

Interior 3d Rendering helps architects, home-owners, and builders to get a good idea about how to go about the planning and processing of the interior designs of the buildings. This enables the designer and the architects to draw up a 3D interior plan that they can put to paper and finally get to work on the project site after approval from the investors or homeowners. This process also helps them to look into the probable flaws that the plan may have, thus giving them the scope to correct the same.

3D Interior Rendering is also important to let the interior designers and architects get a better view as to what their final design will look like. The whole purpose of the process of 3D Interior Rendering is to create a 3D Interior based on the designers and architects ideas. The designers can take a closer look at the designs that are created by him or her. This technology helps both the architects, interior designers as well as those with the construction business to create a 3D model of the interior and the exterior models of the buildings. Be it the latest variety of imported marble, the gorgeous teal colour that you liked on someone else’s wall or the huge king sized teak wood bed that you think would look perfect in your master bedroom- you have no way of actually knowing whether all these elements will mesh well together or just look like a haphazard assortment of various objects and colours- but 3D Interior Rendering helps you clear your doubts.

A skilled 3d rendering professional has the ability to change the look and pattern of the house or building by playing with different colors, patterns, and textures to give the house a new look and dimension. This is a cheap and effective way to figure out the look, understand what you want, and make sure that you accommodate all changes before you start the work and ensure that you do not need to waste time, resources and money on things which you do not like in the first place. 3d Interior Designing and Rendering


The name First Look 3D Studio denotes exactly what we do. We are a 3D architectural visualization company that uses the latest advancements in technology and the most creative and artistic minds to help you visualize and showcase your real estate ventures to your family, investors, clients and the rest of the world.

Our Driving Force :

Our driving force is our passion to provide our clients the best creative and technologically advanced solutions to their needs and ensure that their requirements are fulfilled.
The smiles of our customers, the looks of disbelief we get when they see our finished product and the appreciation we gain at the end of it all is what drives us to excel and innovate in our work day after day!

Our Values :

- Excelling By Virtue Of Our Work:

We see ourselves as the go-to people for everyone’s design needs. For us, it is not just a matter of getting more business, but being the first name that comes to everyone’s minds when they think of anything related to 3D modeling.

- Providing The Biggest Bang For Your Buck:

Our core value has been and will remain, exceeding expectations and providing the biggest bang for your buck. Anyone who is even remotely related to construction or creating a new product knows that it is not about how cheap you can get stuff done, but about how much you can get in your budget.

We have always exceeded our client’s requirements and given them more than what they thought was possible in their allocated budget, and will ensure that this continues.

- Working Cohesively As A Team:

Teamwork is of utmost importance on large scale projects and we strive to inculcate that in our work- right from day one. It is not just about teamwork within our office, but it is also including all stakeholders and gauging their needs and wants and aligning our work with them. This has helped us complete projects faster, using lesser resources and provide results with much higher quality than most of our competitors. 3D architectural visualization

The Man Behind The Vision :

The man responsible for developing this venture from scratch is Mr. Y.V. Reddy, who is an Architect of considerable repute in Andhra and Telangana regions. With several hundreds of projects under his belt over the past two decades, he brings with him a wealth of experience and technical know-how to the table.

With his experience in commercial, residential and healthcare projects, he has been instrumental in the growth of First Look 3D Studio and has built a team of dedicated and highly proficient designers, developers and creative artists to give wings to his dream of creating a world-class 3D rendering studio to satisfy all our clients’ requirements. 3D architectural visualization

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3D Rendering

Make sure you know what your home looks like- the interiors, the colours of your walls, the fancy balustrade that you wanted in the main atrium, or even the patter on your false ceiling. Get a good look and decide whether you like what you see before you spend money on it!

3D Walkthrough Animation

A builders’ best friend, 3D rendering allows you to show your work to others, and not just tell. With structures, textures colours and realistic materials, make sure your audience- be it investors, buyers or clients- has a great impression of your build before even starting off with the work!

3D Architectural Visualization

Show your clients your architectural vision with our 3D architectural visualization services which enable you to highlight the aspects of your ingenious ideas and sell them to the client in a convincing manner. After all, nothing is more convincing than actually being able to see what is being made!

3D Architectural Visualization

360 Panorama Views

When it comes to huge housing societies, educational campuses or large organizations, the exterior terrain and surroundings are just as important as the interiors- the greenery, swimming pools, sports arenas etc. Use our 360 panorama view services to depict what the entire project will look like in real life!

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